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About Our Servers

Unlike many popular hosting service providers such as: Bluehost, Hostmonster, GoDaddy and HostGator (just to name a few), we do not put your site on overloaded shared hosting accounts and we never apply bandwidth throttling. Our private Linux (Cent-OS) servers are very powerful cutting edge machines located in large datacenters for security and reliability. We run very fast and secure LiteSpeed server software which is basically a tweaked and improved version of Apache. We also run the blazing fast MariaDB database engine to reduce system overhead and increase performance. Our multi-core, multi-CPU servers are also loaded to the hilt with RAM and run hybrid RAID 10 arrays utilizing SSD drives for the ultimate in disk performance and redundancy. Because our reputation depends on it, we spare no expense at keeping our servers at the head of the pack!

We run daily backups and have not only redundant power supplies and emergency backup power, but we also have redundant T5 lines for the fastest content delivery possible even under heavy load. Most hosting providers charge much more than we do to host your site on a tired old machine which is constantly overloaded and simply unable to keep up. Oh yes, did we mention that we are based right here in Montana?

Beautiful Websites

Working closely with each client ensures that your site is exactly what you want. HTML5 - CSS3 - PHP - Bootstrap

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Responsive Layout

With Bootstrap design your site works on any device from smart-phone to desktop. Mobile Ready Sites Guaranteed!

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Advanced Scripting

Content management, dynamic content & interactive pages. We build PHP/MySql sites that perform like magic!

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Tech Support

Need help? Local Montana tech support with no annoying phone tree to navigate and no overseas outsourcing!

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Hosting Packages Overview

In addition to affordable web design in Billings, we also offer very affordable web and email hosting packages. Our most popular web hosting runs just $140/year and includes such great features as: unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, daily backups, unlimited email, cPanel access, and much much more!

Package Features Cost
Basic Email Private Email Hosting $24.95/Yr
Custom Domain Email $79.95/Yr
Premium Web Hosting 12GB Disk / Unlimited Transfer $140.00/Yr
Ultimate Web Hosting 20GB Disk / Unlimited Transfer $192.00/Yr
E-Commerce Hosting Ultimate Hosting + SSL $300.00/Yr

All of our web and email hosting packages are delivered from Linux based servers which feature industry leading security features beginning with custom server hardening and, depending on the specific application, such things as: multi-layer encryption algorythms, cross site scripting countermeasures, prepared statement database queries and other advanced techniques designed to thwart even the most persistent of hackers.

Montana Web Hosting

Hosting packages Detail

Our basic email package includes unlimited email hosting on our email server. You get (subject to availability) Our email hosting includes SSL security and full support for both POP3 and IMAP protocols! We guarantee that all of your emails are securely encrypted and never scanned.

Just like our basic email hosting except it allows you to have a custom domain such as (domain names subject to availability. Domain name registration is included! You can also upgrade to your own domain specific SSL certificate for only an additional $40 per year if desired.

This is our most popular package and covers more than 90% of clients. You get tons of features such as full cPanel support, 12GB of disk space, unlimited file transfer, email hosting, daily backups, FTP access, MySQL databases, and much more. If you are unsure, this is most likely the one you want...

Designed for very high traffic sites and/or ones with lots of images and media content. This package is similar to our Premium Web Hosting but adds more disk space as well as more email account and database support.

Unlimited everything and also includes a Comodo SSL certificate for https security. Required for e-commerce or other sensitive personal data type sites.

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